Solera Networks Maintenance and Support

Solera Networks provides free technical support on all new product purchases for 30 days, beginning the business day after date of purchase. Customers are required to purchase a one-year renewable maintenance agreement at time of purchase. Multi-year discounts are available.

Maintenance Benefits

Solera Networks’ standard annual maintenance and support agreement provides unlimited technical support, including:

  • 24/7 telephone and email support
  • Access to online resources/downloads
  • All software updates are included for products covered by the maintenance agreement for coverage period, and are available via Solera Networks’ secure FTP site
  • Hardware components repaired onsite, by the next business day
  • Hardware Upgrade Protection – Upgrade to new hardware on preferred terms.
  • Software Upgrade Protection – Provided customer maintains maintenance continuously, they will be eligible for all software updates and upgrades delivered during the maintenance term.

Effective Dates

The purchase of a Maintenance and Support Agreement is effective the date the covered product is shipped to the customer, regardless of when the product is put into service.